What is SleepGP?

SleepGP offer a comprehensive training program that will allow a medical practice to successfully run a sleep clinic that diagnoses and treats sleep apnea patients. Our clinics are estimated to have an average annual turnover of $610,000

  • What we offer:

    Individualised business model for your clinic

    Sleep Study devices

    Medical consumables for sleep study devices

    Sleep Physician report sent to your clinic within 5 days of the
    sleep study

    CPAP Trial devices and masks

    Access to clinical systems for remote monitoring of patients

    Access to wholesale pricing of CPAP devices, masks and accessories

    Staff training

    24/7 support team 

  • The Process is Simple:

    1. The patient receives a referral for a sleep study from a GP in your clinic or an external referral
    2. Patient books in to see the nurse or admin staff for their sleep study appointment. In this consult the patient is showed how to set up the sleep study device.
    3. Sleep Study is performed overnight and dropped back to the clinic the next day Nurse or admin staff download the study and send off to SleepGP
    4. SleepGP take care of the scoring and have Sleep Physicians who diagnoses and provides a treatment plan for the patient (5 days)
    5. Patient returns to GP for results
    6. Nurse sets the patient up for a CPAP trial (gold standard of CPAP therapy)
    7. GP see’s patient again at the end of the trial 
    8. CPAP machine purchased through clinic

SleepGP will help make sure the diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea stays within the GP clinic. We believe a sleep study should be as easy as a blood test!

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