Four pillars of sleep health

When a SleepGP approaches patient care, they consider their patient’s individual disease profile. These sleep trained GPs seek to understand whether their patient has any of the following and then manage them accordingly. The SleepGP will see a combination of these issues with each patient (refer 4 combinations below):

  1. Is this patient’s sleep disturbance a health issue?
  2. Are they here for snoring issues?
  3. Are they excessively tired though the day?
  4. Do they have any insomnia issues we can manage?

Each patient is managed individually depending on their combination of the four pillars. They have a unique disease profile – just as individual as for your diabetic patients, or your hypertensive patients. A one-size-fits-all approach is not what you do with these other chronic diseases, why would you approach it differently here.

Indicative patient profiles demonstrate this Four Pillars approach best.

(Click on the next and previous icons to reveal the approach to different combinations)

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The SleepGP’s Comprehensive Approach

The SleepGP’s comprehensive approach gathers data about the patient’s co-morbidities, medications, lifestyle, sleep health and biometrics (via an in depth iPad based survey). It imports sleep study data which has been reported on by a specialist Sleep Physician, and it includes a physical examination of the airway. This is unique.

This comprehensive personalised approach is entirely different to the one-size-fits-all profit driven approach taken by many commercial and online CPAP sales organisations. Over 6000 patients have benefited from The SleepGP Model of Care since 2013.

These doctors know that adequate, quality sleep sits alongside a balanced diet and regular exercise in their patients’ holistic healthcare. SleepGPs also know that diagnosing, treating and managing uncomplicated OSA in a GP practice is a more accessible patient pathway with lower cost to the individual and community.…and it takes account of partners’ concerns too. Get in touch with The SleepGP.

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