Sleep Apnoea Therapy

The SleepGP Model of Care is a patient-centred, evidence based approach designed to resolve your snoring and OSA with minimum disruption to your life, and the lives of those close to you. Once your SleepGP has gathered a comprehensive understanding of your co-morbidities and lifestyle needs, they will conduct an anatomical inspection of the airway and diagnose your individual problem. There are a range of possible solutions and therapies , and your SleepGP will recommend a treatment based on your situation.  The following provides some more details on the possible treatment options, however there are three main treatments:

  • CPAP / APAP devices
  • Non CPAP devices, eg jaw splints and positioning devices
  • Surgery (in a small percentage of cases).

Because many people suffering from OSA are often also carrying some excess body weight, considering dietary changes can also be helpful in those cases

It is worth noting that there are a range of questionable devices and supplements that are on the market, claiming to stop snoring and addressing OSA. Most of these are ‘snake oil’ remedies, and a waste of money.

Your GP, supported by a specially trained and equipped SleepGP is the best trained and most accessible person to advise you holistically about your sleep care. It is critical that you adopt an appropriate therapy,  and receive ongoing support and advice on lifestyle and diet, and your chosen therapy,  to manage your sleep issues properly.