BMC Luna APAP System (E-20A)


Quality CPAP device (Auto) with full Australian warranty

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Product Description

E-20A The BMC Luna Automatic CPAP(APAP) system automatically adjusts to deliver the required CPAP pressure through the night.
Automatic CPAP machines respond to your changing requirements through the night and change the pressure to what you require at the time.
To optimise therapy comfort, Luna also uses RESlex Exhalation relief. This optional mode reduces pressure on exhalation. It can be set by the provider, patient or switched off.
Using the supplied humidifier with your CPAP machine will reduce common symptoms like dryness of the throat and congestion. The Eco Smart humidifier comes free with all Luna machines and adds heat and moisture to the air delivered by the system, improving overall comfort. The patented Eco Smart efficient heating system has a valve to limit the amount of water heated by the humidifier at any one time. The humidifier can be removed for travelling to reduce size and weight, making your Luna Machine the ideal travel CPAP device.
5 Year Warranty