Partners also affected by Sleep Apnea

Involve your partner for successful OSA management.

Sharan had been experiencing extreme daytime tiredness.  Dennis was very concerned for her, and he had Googled extensively to try to understand why.  They were left wondering what the cause could be, and based on her symptoms decided they would try to rule out Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Their online research was like the research many of us do today when we experience poor health, but they had reached the point where they needed professional advice.

So just as Dennis and Sharan would consult their GP about chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension, they decided to speak with their local SleepGP at Coolangatta about sleep apnea and how to help Sharan once again experience life to the fullest.

Sharan had a Level 2 sleep study, an upper airway examination, an assessment of her general health and had her treatment options explained. Sharan and Dennis opted for an APAP machine.

Dennis’ involvement and support was key to successful diagnosis and treatment of Sharan’s chronic OSA. That shared journey is strongly encouraged and welcomed by The SleepGP. Most partners of OSA sufferers also have their life derailed and disrupted by the impacts of OSA on their partners sleep patterns.

Conclusion: Through her partner’s support, and the skills of The SleepGP, Sharan’s life has returned to normal – and Dennis couldn’t be happier.