Requesting a sleep study

As a General Practitioner, you can refer a patient for a Sleep Study and management at a SleepGP Clinic.  The SleepGP will undertake a comprehensive clinical examination prior to treatment and will keep the GP informed of progress.  CPAP therapy may not necessarily be suitable for the patient now, or indeed ever.

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Request a sleep study for your patient

GPs – you now have an option when you are concerned for the quality of sleep of your patients. Rather than automatically referring the patient out for an in-lab study with the attendant waiting time, delays in getting reports back and high patient out-of-pockets, you have the option of engaging with The SleepGP Model of Care instead.

A SleepGP is a GP with a special interest in sleep (a GPwSI) who has upskilled via RACGP accredited training and invested in diagnostic equipment to be able to manage uncomplicated OSA and snoring issues. Referring to a SleepGP for a Level 2 overnight at-home sleep study allows you to stay in control of the patients journey and care. In many cases, it also assists you to manage their ongoing sleep care through a GP Management Plan, or a Team Care Arrangement in association with an appropriate allied health practitioner such as a dietitician.

The SleepGP’s will recommend individualised therapy from the range of treatment options available. Their Sleep Care Coordinator / clinical assistant / nurse will also have been intensively trained to support the patient with their sleep study hook-up, trialling and trouble shooting therapy, and their aftercare and ongoing monitoring. SleepGPs undertake to send all patients back to their referring usual GP for all their other healthcare requirements.

The SleepGP conducts an holistic assessment of potential OSA sufferers using an intensive lifestyle survey (intellectual property of SleepGP) involving the patient and, where applicable and possible, their partner. Clinical history, co-morbidities and medications are an important part of assessing each patient, and the patient’s usual GP provides whatever details they deem relevant on the following referral form.

Complete the following form to refer your patient to your local SleepGP.

Patient referral form

Use this form to comply with Medicare / DVA criterion for an at-home sleep study (item 12250).

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  • Stage 1/3 - OSA50 Screening Questions

    Patients must have an OSA50 score ≥5 and an ESS score ≥ 8 to be eligible for a Medicare rebated at-home sleep study (item 12250).

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