Sleep Support

The support you will need is likely to depend on the severity of your OSA. Some people can manage mild OSA by losing weight, reducing alcohol consumption or adjusting sleep positions. Some patients with moderate or severe OSA will be better suited to a CPAP or positioning device, or a jaw advancement splint, and in some limited cases surgery.

At The SleepGP, we are committed to being totally transparent with you about what you can expect on your journey through diagnosis and treatment, and ongoing management of your condition. Achieving an improved quality of life for you and your partner and loved ones is what we do.

Every SleepGP has a dedicated support person in their practice, usually titled Sleep Care Coordinator, who will take your bio-metrics, complete an iPad-based lifestyle survey, and assist you through the relevant tests. They will then assist you to decide on the appropriate therapy and support you to have a trial of that therapy. And if you can’t acclimatizse to your CPAP device, you can be sure  we wont push you into a sale!

The Sleep GP has arranged competitive prices, on devices and accessories, and warranties on the full range of therapies. Every SleepGP therapeutic solution comes with the peace of mind that your SleepGP is a trusted professional in your local community, and you are welcome to book back in as often as you want or need over coming years if you are seeking further advice or help.

We often see OSA sufferers who are not SleepGP patients. They have abandoned their treatment due to a lack of support and monitoring from another provider. If that’s you or someone you know, at SleepGP we are happy for you to call or pop in for an obligation free conversation about how to get your sleep care underway again in a fully supported environment.

At The SleepGP, we believe that the aftercare is just as important as the diagnosis and treatment and we act as your sleep ‘coach’. Your SleepGP ‘SLEEPEASY’ aftercare package includes:

  • Unlimited access to your local SleepGP with formal periodic reviews to ensure you’re achieving optimum sleep, oxygenation and reduction in snoring.
  • Ongoing online monitoring.
  • Regular product updates, such as masks. Mask trials are available at no cost for SleepGP patients.
  • Regular complimentary checks and clean of your device.
  • In the unlikely event you have an issue with your device, generally a same day replacement is available whilst your device is being repaired. The repair will be arranged by our Sleep Care Coordinator.

Our Sleep Care Coordinator continues to support you to ensure you settle into using your therapy, answer any questions you may have, and monitor the effectiveness of your treatment plan over the next twelve months – at no extra out of pocket cost to you – to ensure your therapy is successfully managing your OSA.

All of our SleepGPs across Australia and New Zealand are in turn supported by a highly experienced, skilled and dedicated SleepGP Support Centre team.