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SleepGP is a business model that puts GPs at the centre of their patient’s care while empowering and rewarding them for taking a more active and diagnostic role in the treatment and ongoing management of sleep related disorders, in particular, Obstructive Sleep Apnoea.

As primary care practitioners, GPs are charged with the responsibility of setting patients on the best treatment pathways. SleepGP offers a comprehensive best- practice approach that lets GPs holistically manage their patients’ sleep disorders. SleepGP patients can expect better diagnosis, treatment and outcomes for, in many cases, less cost than current treatment pathways.

We make it possible for you to perform level two sleep studies from your own practice. Sleep studies help you to properly diagnose and treat Obstructive and Central Sleep Apnoea, a disease with serious co-morbidities and concerning prevalence in Australia. Performing sleep studies from your practice means you always remain in control of your patient’s treatment and can ensure they will not be lost to a corporate sleep study provider or coerced into purchasing an unnecessary device.

SleepGP addresses the personal, professional and primary care needs of any GP looking for more from their career in general practice.

For more information about becoming a SleepGP and bringing this service to your clinic, contact us on (07) 5536 8834.

Our Clinic Education

At SleepGP, we not only provide a best practice primary sleep medicine model but enhance the income of the practicing GP well above what he or she would usually expect in general practice.

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SleepGP provides a comprehensive multidisciplinary RACGP accredited education programme. We educate GP’s in sleep medicine, enabling them to assess patients, their sleep studies and provide a management plan that is tailored to each patients needs.

A potential SleepGP is required to attend a three-day intensive program. Our specialist will then attend their clinic for eight hours of patient contact to provide further support in the training methods and philosophy.

“My SleepGP training has given me the confidence and skills to properly treat a range of sleep related conditions for better patient outcomes”- Dr Hazim Faragallah

“SleepGP equips me to draw on assessments and treatments from several specialist areas, tailoring the best sleep solution for my patients from the best treatments available”- Dr Peter Carson


SleepGP Clinical Assistants are trained extensively on the range of technology required to assist the GP in the delivery of this best practice model. They become patient educators, administrators, nurturers and facilitate the patients journey by ensuring the treatment plan is understood and implemented.

SleepGP Clinical Assistants are also required to attend our three-day intensive programme, followed by 8 hours of patient contact with our Clinical educator.


SleepGP is a team effort and the Administrator’s role is pivotal in the programme. Practice administrators must understand the programme as a whole and what it strives to achieve. They must also know the financial transaction protocols, the information technology that underpins SleepGP and be proactive in assisting to procure patients.

Once the Practice administrator has attended our three-day intensive programme, our Admin educator attends their clinic for 8 hours of patient contact.


GP’s: Recently at no charge to our existing SleepGPs, SleepGP HQ ran an intensive conference to refresh the education and philosophies of SGP as well as being updated on new equipment and treatment options available.

Clinical Assistants: Recently at no charge to our existing Clinical Assistants, SleepGP HQ ran an intensive conference to refresh the education and philosophies of SGP as well as being updated on new equipment and treatment options available.

Administration: Recently at no charge to our existing SleepGP administrators, SleepGP HQ ran an intensive conference to refresh the education and transaction protocols for the practice administrators.

Our Patient Education

SleepGP training is comprehensive and uses only validated treatment options. Its newness resides in the fact that each patient’s management is unique and tailored to their sleep study results, co-morbidities and general situation as well as individual anatomy.

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Patients are used to putting the management of their chronic illness or health issues into the hands of their trusted GP. In the SleepGP model, GP’s are at the centre of patient care and manage the entire patient process, not just the sleep study result.


At SleepGP, we treat the patient and not the opportunity. To take the patient through a thorough iPad based history questionnaire, a comprehensive anatomical assessment and a sleep physician reported sleep study up to the point of an individualised management plan costs the patient a mere $100.


We will not let the patient slip through cracks and are dedicated to managing their sleep disorder. Our purpose built software programme includes diary systems to ensure a patient’s progress is tracked. Timeframes are automatically associated with management options so that the Clinical Assistant is well equipped to ensure no one is lost to follow up.

Discover what else SleepGP can offer you

SleepGP employs Australian based Sleep Physicians who not only report on our sleep studies and speak at our conferences, but support our SleepGP’s by being available to answer questions and for Tele-Health consults on an as-needed basis.

In order to meet the needs and expectations of both clinics and patients, SleepGP employs highly experienced Sleep technicians to score and return sleep studies in a reasonable timeframe. Patient outcome is our focus and our technicians meet stringent quality control procedures provided by our Sleep Physicians.

SleepGP is an RACGP accredited activity provider for 2017-19 triennium. Not all activities and courses attract accreditation.

To practice as a SleepGP clinic, specific diagnostic equipment and treatment devices are essential. As part of the SleepGP clinic setup, SleepGP Head Quarters provides its clinics with access to competitively priced equipment.

Our purpose built software, ‘SLOOM’ is a Package Management System (PMS) that serves numerous functions. The diary feature ensures the continuity of care is maintained, also used as a tool for booking appointments and general consultation information.

Sleep Studies are imported through Sloom, and letters can be automatically generated from the data entered and creates GP management plans at the touch of a button. This program has also proven to be a powerful research tool, forming the foundation of our academic research.

CONFERENCES: Our Specialist attends international meetings and confers with world leaders in their fields of sleep medicine and surgery to make sure the multidisciplinary approach reflects the very latest from each field.

TRADE DISPLAYS: The very latest equipment in managing sleep disorders is researched from all corners of the globe at international trade displays to ensure that our patients continue to receive the best quality.

SleepGP HQ has developed strong bilateral relationships with the premium suppliers of Sleep related management tools. Such companies as Resmed, Somnomed, VMedical, BMedical, Weinmann and Rhinomed are supporters of this programme and contribute to our promotion of OSA awareness amongst the medical community.

In order to assist with our SleepGP’s success, SleepGP HQ has produced extensive marketing materials to target patients.

We provide assistance with marketing, including access to our media kit, we contains:

  • Brochures
  • Posters
  • Artwork
  • Editorials
  • Information documents
  • Radio scripts and recordings

Press releases are also available upon request.


 For more information about becoming a SleepGP and bringing this service to your clinic, contact us on (07) 5536 8834.

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