The SleepGP is a comprehensive Model of Care, and holistic support service for the diagnosis, treatment and management of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA), at a primary care level.

The SleepGP Support Centre is located in Coolangatta, Queensland – providing training, support and logistics to SleepGP clinics around Australia and New Zealand.

This program is at the front line of sleep and snoring management and aims to increase the effectiveness of care, by equipping up-skilled GPs to support their patients through virtually all their main sleep disorders, at a primary care level, ie, without the need to refer the patient out.

Every patient is unique and thus deserves individualised attention and treatment that takes into account any other existing medical conditions and medications. This is currently not happening for snorers and sleep apnoea sufferers seeking treatment online through CPAP sales organisations.

Importantly, SleepGPs are also up-skilled and equipped to undertake a comprehensive examination of the upper airway, in case there may be obstructions, or anatomical features that suggest an alternate treatment to CPAP.

Customised treatment plans incorporating the management of associated co-morbidities can then be developed and coordinated by the patient’s usual doctor and their clinic, supported by The SleepGP, their Sleep Care Coordinator and if necessary, The SleepGP Support Centre team.

The patient and their partner (where applicable) are at the centre of the care plan, not some profit driven CPAP sales company. The SleepGP aims to deliver lasting results that can provide dramatic improvements to a patients’ quality of sleep and very often also with their general health through addressing their OSA medically, not commercially – as should happen with any chronic condition.

This passion to assist patients through their sleep disorder and snoring locally at a primary care level is core to The SleepGPs DNA.

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Assoc. Prof. Dr John Malouf

Founder of The SleepGP

Dr Bliegh Mupunga

Sleep Physician

John Gimpel


Linn Indreboe


Dr Hazim Faragallah

SleepGP Doctor

Dr Brad Otto

SleepGP Doctor

Ralph Holvast

Technical support

Gabriele Kulikovaite

Sleepcare co-ordinator

Kathy Duffy